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Post by Stéphy on Sat Jan 03, 2015 4:54 pm

Absolution is an maplestory europe guild. 
Which has been created at 3 january 2015.
After being a junior in Hellbound for quite some good and wonderfull years, 
we decided to make a new home.

The main goal of Absolution will be to give our members a place where they will feel like they belong to,
a place called home. We are aiming for a family bonding guild. 
Where everyone is friendly and respectfull towards eachother. 

Inside the guild, we want to welcome every type of player, this means that it doesn't matter if you are a new player or an oldschoolplayer, rich or poor, have no experience with bossing, etc. 
We are here to help eachother out.
 We are aiming to make the game fun while we play together as a group. 
The only kind of people we don't welcome are hackers, dupers, scammers and ksers.


Absolution is a part of the Acis alliance,
 where our mule and alt chars for our members can be added.
Main guild: Absolution
Alt/mule guild: Pandemonium

So if you are interested in joining our community,
make an application on the forum or find us in game.

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