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Guild and Forum rules

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Guild and Forum rules

Post by Stéphy on Sat Jan 03, 2015 5:26 pm

Guild rules:

- Be friendly towards every member in the guild
- Mutual respect toward eachother, treat other people like you want to be treated.
- Respect your Masters and junior masters, any decision they make is final.
- No spamming or using the chat all the time as your own private market place
- No Ksing, hacking, duping, scamming
- No account sharing with people outside of the guild
- Try to help out eachother where you can
- Do not cause drama's, if you have a problem speak to one of the juniors/master
- No selling of duped equipments
- Be active on the forums
- English language only inside the guild- gfm & the union.
- Don't rip your guildies off with prices when you're selling something
- No alts in other guilds, you stay loyal to Absolution.

Forum rules:

- English language
- We Do NoT WaNt PeOpLe TyPiNg LiKe ThIs CaUsE iTs AnNoYiNg
- Show respect towards everyone.
- Do not spam the whole forum, we have special spam treads.
- Can always say your opinion, but do it on a decent way
- No drama's on the forum
- If you need to go inactiv for some time, please let us know
- Use your charname or irl name as forum-account.

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