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My Guild Application, Good Luck to me!

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My Guild Application, Good Luck to me!

Post by Leftar on Fri Feb 20, 2015 12:35 am

Hello guys!

My name is Lucas, known by BusterLeftar on EMS. I use this nick because 5 years ago me and my brother Daniel decided to create "game-names": he was called Ghyar, and i'm Leftar. I was a little frustrated that "Leftar" nick was already used, so I put a "Buster" in front, like my brother did with his character.

I'm 17 years old and I live in Brazil. Fun Fact: My last name is Brasil. Really. I live in the country of my name =D. I was born in September 8th, and by the next Monday i will start studying at the university in a city near where I live, doing Computer Science (I will talk about my active time later on the application).

I play games like League Of Legends, Maple, Smite, and love to play emulators of old videogames, like Game Boy Color and SNES. My hobbies are playing volleyball, going out with my friends, reading and having fun all the time! I play Maple since there was only the GMS (when getting to lvl 30 was hard), and got really sad when the Brazilian server was closed D=, but i'm happier that Europe has accepted us!

Maple Related:
Although I have a Lvl 125 Luminous, i end up playing more with my evan, so he is my main char. He is named BusterLeftar, Evan, lvl 89 (almost 90).

Don't have any mule chars. I have my Luminous Lvl 125 called Ghyar (there was a time my brother stopped playing, and as Leftar was not available, i put Ghyar and it went through. Not proud of what I did); got a lvl 92 Demon Avenger called Pasrath, and a lvl 44 Shade called Daniqas (this last one i play only when my brother plays together).

View on hacking, scamming, ksing and duper gear: I just hate it. Firstly, i don't even know what a "duper gear" is, but I just don't understand what people gain by messing other players, really, I just hate it. Had never been banned, although I had to create another account because I forgot my last password AND e-mail a few years ago.

My goal on Maple, unlike the majority, is not to get to lvl 200 fastest as I can. I just want to have fun. To talk to people, doing quests, even if it is not around my level, to play with my brother and my friends together. I don't see Maple as a competition to see who is the strongest one, although i would love to see my main char lvl 200 (love Mir!)

Nowadays, i make money selling rare itens that i find hunting, like Cubic and Chaos Blades (don't know if this was the question, sorry). When I'm online, i like to talk to people while doing my quests, helping people who need and having fun.

I wasn't in any guild before, as I don't like the most of the names. This one though, is the best i've seen! Hahaha. I want to join Absolution because the guild wants friends, and i'm ready to become friends with everbody, as it is what I wanted to do in Maple! Sadly, i don't know a lot about anyone in the guild YET, but I agree to all the rules and i'm sure i'll help everyone that needs. I found the guild because of the Shout Stéphy did by the time I was online.

About my active time: I will start studying in the university next Monday, and i'm not sure what will become of me by then. Nowadays I am active by 1-4 hours a day, but it depends a lot on when I'm playing. I really want to join the guild, but i will understand if you don't accept me because of my uncertainty related to my active time on Maple.

Sorry for the long application. I hope you like it! Thanks for the opportunity and sorry if I wrote something wrong =D

Good Mapling!


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Re: My Guild Application, Good Luck to me!

Post by Stéphy on Fri Feb 20, 2015 2:52 am

Hello lucas,
After the interview today by me and other members you already got accepted to a trial period.
So technicly there was no need for an application.
I shall leave this open anyways for if members have more questions.

Well written app btw and thanks for the big information,
Hope u will enjoy your time.

be the flower that's growing on the cracked cement.

Boss Lady
Boss Lady

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Re: My Guild Application, Good Luck to me!

Post by ogalu on Fri Feb 20, 2015 10:02 am

WOW what an Application!
very Nice written!
If i was able To vote which i'm not...
It was an instant yes!

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Absolution Member
Absolution Member

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Re: My Guild Application, Good Luck to me!

Post by Sponsored content

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