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Guidelines for a good application

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Guidelines for a good application

Post by Kriss on Sat Jan 03, 2015 10:16 pm


Here is some guidelines to make a good and intresting application, just some extra help. You don't have to follow them if you have your own "recipe".
The application is our first impression of you so its always in your favour to make it good.

- Try to make your application a little personal, you don't have to share your whole identity but would be nice if you threw in what music you listen to and what you like to eat.

- You can look at the accepted applications to get some inspiration from those

- Check the forums to reply to questions, people will ask them.

- Make your application look visiually good, makes some lines and break it up.

- Getting to know us probably the best way to get around aswell, just visit our gfm at ch5fm3 to show us how awesome you are.

- Having fun while making it is also important, will go faster if you do.

Hopefully this will be somewhat helpfull, good luck!


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