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Application form

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Application form Empty Application form

Post by Stéphy on Sun Jan 04, 2015 10:25 pm

If you find it hard to write an application copy & paste these questions & fill them in.
Or make an own text with this information in it.
You make it attractive. Cause the more info you give us, the better we get an opinion about you.
In other words: don't give just a 'one word answer', give us some details/extra info.


Personal info:

01 Name:
02 Nickname:
03 Age/birthday:
04 Country:
05 Female/male:
06 School/work?:
07 Hobby?:
08 Interests?:
09 Tell us more about yourself:

Maple related:

10 Main char (name,job): 
11 List all your mule chars (names,job):
12 Levels of  those (main,mules):
13 Explain your view on hacking, scamming,ksing and duper gear:
14 Have you ever been banned?:
15 How long have you been playing Maplestory:
16 What goals do you wanna achieve?:
17 How do you make money?
18 What you mostly do when you're online?

Guild related

19 Names of previous guilds (all):
20 Why did you leave those guilds ?:
21 Why do you want to join Absolution (your motivation)?:
22 Do you know anyone in Absolution?:
23 Do you agree to our rules?
24 In what way will you contribute to the guild?:
25 How did you found us?:

Any other information you would like to add:


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