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Vinny's application

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Vinny's application  Empty Vinny's application

Post by Vinny on Mon Jan 05, 2015 9:34 pm

Hey guys,

Seeing as I recently applied to join HellBound, but most folks I've met during the short period moved over to either Absolution or Fascination, I'd figure I also make the switch.

Personal info:

01 Name: Wim Vints
02 Nickname: Vinny... The name my family-in-law uses, due to both their daughters being together with a Wim. The other Wim is an ex-classmate of me (and started using the nickname in school) and his fiancé coupled her sister and me, we've been together for 4 months now.
03 Age/birthday: 26 (15/12)
04 Country: Belgium
05 Female/male: Male
06 School/work: Work
07 Hobby?: Flames of War (WW2 themed Tabletop Strategy Game)
08 Interests?: WW2, electricity, ... can't really think of anything right now xD

Maple related:

09 Main char: xVinnyX, lv 134
10 List all your mule chars: None so far
11 levels of  those:
12 View on hacking, scamming,ksing, duper gear: Perma-ban those motherf*ckers!
13 Ever been banned?: No.
14 How long have you been playing maplestory: Since 2005 (GMS) - Account on EMS was created during the Euro-ban on GMS, although I never gotten around to play on EMS untill I came back after a break. I took another one due to school in 2010, and recently returned (with the addition of like 25 new characters! - when I quit, Aran was new)
15 What goals do you wanna achieve?: Right now, get more used to all the new things, get my Link skills and learn how to boss on some of the more classic bosses such as Zak/HT/Pap/... In the long run, I hope to be higher level to experience some of the "end-game" content.

Guild related

16 Previous guilds: HellBound
17 Why u left those guilds?: Everyone I met during the short stint left to Absolution or Fascination
18 Why u wanna join Absolution?: Belgian Power!
19 Do you know anyone in Absolution?: iWicked
20 Do you agree to our rules?: Why shouldn't I? =) I'm not a fan of drama myself.
21 In what way will you benefit to the guild?: I hope to contribute in the process of setting up your guild and achieving in-game perks for all the guild members. Although I need some advice on what I can do best to achieve that (as it has been a while, only 4 years ;oP)

Any other information you would like to add:

Absolution Member
Absolution Member

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Vinny's application  Empty Re: Vinny's application

Post by Stéphy on Mon Jan 05, 2015 9:41 pm

Welcome Vinny,
knowing you from Hellbound.
Though u didn't had to make an application, an introduction was fine enough.

So Welcome into the guild~

be the flower that's growing on the cracked cement.

Boss Lady
Boss Lady

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