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Avarlie Application

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Avarlie Application Empty Avarlie Application

Post by Avarlie on Mon May 18, 2015 6:33 pm

Personal info:

01 Name: Kim
02 Nickname: Kim / Kimmy
03 Age/birthday: 21
04 Country: Sweden
05 Female/male: Male
06 School/work?: Not at the moment
07 Hobby?: Computer & Girls f3
08 Interests?: MapleStory & CSGO I believe
09 Tell us more about yourself: Im a honest guy who defind myself as a gamer. I have been playing games for most of my life. From MapleSEA, Dota and RuneScape to EMS and League of Legends. I gym once in awhile (when im not lazy f3)

Maple related:

10 Main char (name,job): Avariie (Dark Knight)
11 List all your mule chars (names,job): FabFive,PixelBanger,Depty,PandaBum
12 Levels of  those (main,mules): Avariie 165, FabFive 204, PixelBanger 203, Depty 160, PandaBum 163.
13 Explain your view on hacking, scamming,ksing and duper gear: Having been a victim to multiple scams and hacking over the past years in my Maple career it really makes me sad and disappointed.
14 Have you ever been banned?: Yes (Talking about the pervs on Chattroulette, So I got banned for 1 week)
15 How long have you been playing Maplestory: Since 2008
16 What goals do you wanna achieve?: Reach level 222
17 How do you make money? Selling NX
18 What you mostly do when you're online? Jumping around and flirt with girls I believe.  F10boy

Guild related

19 Names of previous guilds (all): Demonics
20 Why did you leave those guilds ?: I had some problem with a few members, and it never felt like a home for me.
21 Why do you want to join Absolution (your motivation)?: Ive been looking for a new guild for a while & I want to give Absolution a chance cause there is some good and friendly people in the guild.
22 Do you know anyone in Absolution?: Yes Amanda (Pírate) and Ive been talking with Stephy a few times.
23 Do you agree to our rules? Yes I do
24 In what way will you contribute to the guild?: Be active, be nice, help others.
25 How did you found us?: Smegas & friends

Any other information you would like to add: I'm sorry that my application is short & sucks.

Absolution Member
Absolution Member

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Avarlie Application Empty Re: Avarlie Application

Post by ogalu on Mon May 18, 2015 7:41 pm

Apply is fine.. You seem fine..
Just wanna have a talk with You :)
I'm probably Online tonight, tomorrow on axallus or axallis.. You can whisp Me whenever You want.
See You then!

~~~~~night walker lv. 176 - Axallus~~~~~
~~~~~ Bisshop lv. 161 - Axallis~~~~~

Absolution Member
Absolution Member

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Avarlie Application Empty Re: Avarlie Application

Post by iMusicology on Tue May 19, 2015 2:18 am

accepted :D

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Junior Master

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Avarlie Application Empty Re: Avarlie Application

Post by Sponsored content

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